The Ultimate ‘MODERN MEN’ guide to wear a Rolex

November 22nd, 2021

You’ve finally got your hands on that exclusive Rolex timepiece that you have been banking on for years now. These days Rolex has become more of an accessory than just a watch. But imagine sporting it all wrong. Stylish men, if we assume, know that pajamas outside the house are a big no-no! But what about wearing a completely incorrect or inappropriate watch with an outfit? For that, you need a comprehensive ‘Modern Men’ guide on how to wear a Rolex.

It could be your first encounter with a luxury timepiece (happens to all). Whatever may be the reason, it is necessary to know the rules of Rolex-wearing. Did you know that you have a well-sorted Rolex range for a formal, semi-formal, and casual outfit?

Rolex’s catalogue is well-spread, and the luxury watch manufacturer has got something for every occasion and outfit.

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Here’s the ultimate guide outlining everything you need to know on how to wear your Rolex.

MEN’S Rolex – ‘FORMAL’ Outfit

The Rolex Cellini collection is the brand’s exclusive line of dedicated formal dress watches. But you can always choose to make a statement by going against the obvious and wearing something bold. You can effortlessly wear a Cellini under the sleeve of a shirt with a tuxedo or suit.

If you’re wearing a black belt and black shoes, then the strap of your Rolex should be black as well.

A Rolex Datejust or Day-Date will also make for a nice alternative to a black-tie event. All these watches offer great functional diversity and the overall outlook is classic enough to look attuned with a formal outfit.

Men’s Rolex – ‘SEMI-FORMAL’ Outfit

Semi-formal occasions are perhaps the best to sport an elevated Rolex timepiece, which is not too flashy but just perfect for the setting. This is where you get your freedom to style as you wish. A classic Rolex model like the Datejust is a go-to watch choice for many.

However, if you wish to pull off a semi-formal outfit without appearing excessively traditional, then vintage sports Rolex could do your work. It has a casual design but is more special than any average stainless steel sports timepiece.

Men’s Rolex – ‘CASUAL’ Outfit

You get to choose from the most comprehensive range of watches in casual outfits. While you can do just about anything when dressing casually, why not wear something that can be your best companion for doing anything at any point of the day!

A Rolex GMT-Master II or Explorer is the one that you can wear with a sweatshirt, joggers, or a button-up shirt. It is that versatile. You can also choose a Rolex Submariner if you’re planning to hang out by a swimming pool or by the beach.

A Rolex Yacht-Master is perfect if you choose to lounge on the deck of a boat.

If you’ve just purchased a Rolex or have wondered for a long time which Rolex goes with which outfit, you perhaps have the answer to it now. But there’s another essential segment.

How to style your Rolex?

On your wrist! Technically, the answer is correct, but this isn’t enough if you want to do things the right way. Wearing a Rolex watch is a bit more complicated than you think. While you can wear every model differently, and of course, it is your personal preference that also counts. You won’t regret keeping a few key tips in mind!

7 Most Essential Rolex-wearing Tips are:

1. Match the Metals & Colors

Note that the colour and the metal of your Rolex must match the rest of the outfit. For example, choose to wear a Rolex watch that matches the metal colour of the shoe buckles, pins, collar bars, belt buckles, rings, or cufflinks.

2. Don’t Repeat

It’s okay if you own just one luxury watch piece. It doesn’t however mean that you have to wear it every day. There are different watch styles for the gym, the office, dinners, or parties. So, wearing the same watch every time is wrong.

Tip: You can wear reputable watches through the week and keep the special one for the weekend!

3. NO Bling!

Flashy diamonds, jewels, and an oversized watch cry for attention. Unless you are any music tycoon, please avoid a Rolex studded with diamonds. But then some Rolex timepieces are finely studded with small diamonds like on the dial, the numbers, or the rim.

You can wear them depending on the occasion and the setting.

4. Fit It

Do you wear loosely fitted cloth? If not, then why wear a watch that way? A loose strap or band looks sloppy. Please take it to a jeweler and get it fitted to your wrist.

5. Oversized Is Over

In simple words, an oversized timepiece doesn’t fit into a nicely selected outfit. The larger dials only make for a show. Make a lasting impression by wearing a watch that fits your wrist.

6. Dark & Dark – Light & Light

When out during the day, try to wear a Rolex in cream or white. Similarly, when you are out in the night, focus on darker dials like grey, black, or brown.

7. Go Against the Tradition

The tradition says that wear your watch on the wrist that feels comfortable. But fashion follows its own rules. Always wear the Rolex on the non-dominant wrist.


With all that information, wearing a Rolex watch with the right outfit won’t be a problem anymore. Keep in mind the few suggested points and turn-heads during your next casual, formal or semi-formal meeting.

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