How to tell if a Rolex Watch is Real or Fake?

November 19th, 2019

Rolex is the quintessence of luxury, class and elegance in the world of horology. The brand uses the best quality materials to make sure everything is devised to absolute perfection. Now:


While Rolex started producing high-quality automatic timepieces, it paved the way for counterfeit Rolex watches. However, the fact is that the quality of a genuine Rolex watch cannot ever match with fake Rolex timepieces.

So, how can you determine if your Rolex watch is real?

5 Simple Ways to Spot A Counterfeit Rolex Watch

  • The Serial & Model Number Stamping

On an authentic Rolex watch, the serial and model number numbers are precisely engraved deep in solid, elegant lines. However, these numbers are located in the middle of the lugs.

On the contrary, the model and serial numbers on fake Rolexes typically appear sandy-like as they are inscribed with acid.

  • The Case Back

Virtually, all genuine Rolex watches flaunt a smooth stainless back case without any engravings. However, some vintage Rolexes of the 1930s and the Sea-Dweller do feature engravings.

If a Rolex has a transparent case back that enables you to see the watch’s movement, it is ideally a counterfeit one.

  • The Cyclops

The Cyclops is the magnifying lens, placed above the date window on a Rolex watch.

The Cyclops, on a genuine Rolex watch, magnifies the date up to 2.5times for enhanced legibility.

On a fake Rolex watch, the date is not magnified as much. The flat lens typically magnifies 1.5x or lower.

  • Weight

Are you wondering ‘how to verify the authenticity of a Rolex watch?’ Here is ideally the easiest way to check a Rolex’s authenticity.

Weigh your Rolex watch now. An original Rolex watch is made of precious metals like stainless steel, gold and platinum. Moreover, they are equipped with a high-quality and well-devised bracelet, thereby adding some added weight to the watch.

Thus, the watch should feel pretty heavy.

It is significant to note that a counterfeit Rolex watch would be lightweight due to lesser elements and cheaper construction.

  • The Texts on the Face

The texts, fonts, numerals on a genuine Rolex should be perfect, meeting the highest standards of Rolex.

A fake Rolex will feature uneven fonts, inconsistently spaced letters or text, smudges and often, misspellings. Thus, inspect each part of the text on your luxury watch carefully.

  • Mitro-etched Crown

Rolex started micro-engraving a tiny crown logo on the crystal at the 6 o’clock in 2002. This logo proves the authenticity of a Rolex watch.

While the mark is tiny, it typically needs the right magnification and lighting to see with the naked eye.

It is indeed pretty difficult for counterfeiters to replicate such precision of this detail. Look for it in your Rolex watch.

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