How to Spot a Fake Rolex within Minutes?

June 11th, 2020

When it comes to Rolex, one of the most common questions people ask is how to tell if a Rolex is real or fake.

Rolex is indeed a pioneer in the luxury watch industry, prized for its high-end luxury watches.

A Rolex watch has become the ultimate symbol of luxury, class and success.

Unfortunately, the immense popularity of the brand has also turned it to be the world’s most counterfeited watch brand.

how to spot fake rolex

Today, the market of counterfeit Rolex watches is indeed booming.

Moreover, the production of fake Rolexes has become more sophisticated in the current years. Thus, it is typically quite challenging to ascertain the authenticity of the Rolex models available in the market.

And verifying the authenticity will be sheer essential when you choose to buy or sell Rolex for cash.

With that in mind, here we have come up with a quick guide to help you in spotting a fake Rolex within a few minutes.

Take a look!


You can verify whether a Rolex is fake or not by its case-back. However, there are two ways by which the case-back can help in it –

One, check whether or not the timepiece comes with a see-through case-back.

  • The fact is that Rolex watches do not feature a see-through case-back.
  • The brand has crafted only a few models previously using such case-back.

Secondly, look for engravings on your watch’s case-back.

  • Rolex does not carve its watches’ case-backs.
  • However, there are only a few exceptions, like the vintage Submariner COMEX model.

If your Rolex watch has any engravings, it is most likely a fake one, especially if it is a contemporary reference.

Keep in mind that no new Rolex models feature engravings on their case backs like any text, model name or logos.

However, the case-back typically varies from one model to another. Thus, the best way to ensure its authenticity is by taking a look at the case-back’s picture of the model on the internet and compare it with the one you have.


A Rolex watch symbolises the ultimate luxury and precision. It means each detail of a watch is made with utmost precision.

Thus, check for three aspects in your Rolex watch – Quality, Precision and Consistency.

When it comes to dial, begin with looking at its hands. Are the hands assembled accurately in order?

Check for their finishing, preferably using a magnifying lens.

  • The hand should have sharp edges and no over-spilt colour.
  • Moreover, the dial should flaunt precise markings and fonts with consistent spacing.

However, one of the most common signs of a counterfeit Rolex watch is deformities of the letters.

Thus, check the letters and markers on your watch under magnification to ensure that they are consistent.


The Rehaut of a watch is the area that stands up surrounding the dial’s edge and running up to the bezel.


Rolex has implemented many subtle details on its watches for controlling the fake watch market.

One of these details includes the engraved inner bezel ring or rehaut.

  • Rolex offered its older models with a smooth rehaut.
  • However, the modern Rolex timepieces come with an engraved one, flaunting “ROLEXROLEXROLEXROLEX….”.

Moreover, Rolex engraves the serial number around the 6 o’clock position from 2004. You can read a guide to Rolex’s serial number to know more.

Thus, look over your Rolex’s bezel and ensure –

  • The rehaut has the “ROLEXROLEX…” engraving.
  • However, the serial number and the “ROLEXROLEX” word is engraved rather than printed.
  • More significantly, the serial number is matching against its warranty card.
  • The quality of the engravings is precise and perfect.

The Cyclops Lens & Crystal

Does your Rolex watch has a date with a Cyclops lens on it?

If yes, then try to look at the numbers from the date wheel.

  • A genuine Rolex watch will magnify the date up to 2.5times.
  • Moreover, the Cyclops lens will bulge out from the rest of the crystal.

In this way, you can also examine the date wheel.

If your Rolex watch is authentic, it will appear perfectly in the centre with uniform numbers within the date aperture.

Drop a speck of water on your watch’s crystal. If you see that the water is separating and running off the glass in a different direction, it is most likely a fake crystal.

  • Since 1991, Rolex equips all its watches with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
  • However, the crystal offers the highest clarity of the dial underneath.

Moreover, it provides a premium level of protection and hardness to the dial that is equivalent to the strength of diamonds.


A Rolex bezel comes with specific properties and functionalities based on the model.

For example –

The Rolex Daytona and Explorer II typically have a fixed bezel. On the contrary, the bezel on a Submariner turns anti-clockwise only.

  • Moreover, a Rolex GMT-Master II comes with bi-directional rotating bezel.
  • Rolex equips the Yacht-Master II or Sky-Dweller with a “Ring Command” bezel that directs the movement’s functions.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the bezel type of your Rolex watch, search on the internet and then check the function on the one you have.

The Bracelet

There will be a substantial difference in the quality and weight of a genuine Rolex bracelet and a fake one.

In simple words, the bracelet on a replica Rolex will not feel as robust and solid as the bracelet on a genuine Rolex.

  • The fact is that counterfeited Rolex bracelets are typically made of low-quality metal.
  • Thus, you will not feel the weight in your hand.

However, another way to spot a counterfeit Rolex watch is by looking at the bracelet’s crown on the clasp.

The Rolex “crown” symbol on the clasp should appear precise and sharp.

On the contrary, the crown on replica models will be of poor quality without any sharp edges.

All these above features can help you to verify the authenticity of your Rolex watch within minutes. However, if you are still not confident and want to sell your Rolex watch for instant cash, consult any professional watch dealers in London or anywhere in the UK.

They will not only help you to confirm your Rolex’s authenticity but can also buy your watch for a competitive price.

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