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February 9th, 2022

After conquering the ground and underwater territory, Rolex, with its long line of aviation watches, is all set to take command of the skies. Something magical about their innovative and functional design and unwavering appeal makes the Rolex aviation timepieces so loved. Primarily the watches were built to help the pilots during long flight hours. But presently, the Rolex aviation collection has become one of the most elegant timepieces to flaunt every day.

Additionally, if you’re willing to acquire a Rolex aviation watch, you’ll be glad to know that the watches are in high demand in the watch market as well. Rolex already enjoys a high value in the pre-owned market, and the aviation watches, due to their extraordinary characteristics, pull off a high return value on investment. This means if ever you intend to sell Rolex watches, the value of the aviation timepieces will be sky-touching!

Coming to the models, we have listed out the three main models that excel both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. They are the longest-serving names in Rolex’s Aviation History and deserve all your attention.

Top 3 Rolex Aviation Watches

1. Rolex Sky-Dweller

Re-defining the world of watch complexity with its standout characteristics, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is a prominent watch from the Rolex catalogue. It is a luxurious aviation-inspired timepiece that goes notch higher to showcase a GMT function and an annual calendar. It seems as if the wearer is wearing the entire week on the wrist!

Does it look like too much to display on a watch? Not if you look at the Sky-Dweller and how beautifully Rolex has curated it. The watch has no bezel, no pushers, and comes with just minute, seconds, and hour hands.

The main watch dial denotes the local time and comes with a Cyclops date at 3 o’clock. But the main caricature is the small cut-out aperture above the hour index that denotes the month of the year. The ‘Ring Command ‘ Bezel is the key to controlling these superlative complications.

Previously the Sky-Dweller was available only in Rolex’s three gold, but most recently, it is available in white gold and steel variants.

What is special about the Rolex Sky-Dweller?

In short, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is a watch with versatility. It helps to keep track of the date across multiple time zones. The qualities that attract people are complicated, intriguing, and unusual. Since its launch in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller has been available in various precious metals, mainly referred to as a tool watch.

The Sky-Dweller looks exotic and makes for comfortable wear on the wrist. Moreover, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind sporting a few extra grams of gold, then you’ll be pleased with the options the Sky-Dweller has to offer.

Additionally, the watch has a unique Ring Command rotating bezel whose location defines the crown’s functionality.

The Crown has 2 functions:

  • Unscrew and pull it out to hand-wind the movement (Calibre 9001).
  • Pull the Crown to the second position, and depending on the bezel’s position, you can set the date, time, or the hour hand.

Overall, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is a watch of great appeal that is of tremendous fun to wear and in every way cuts to become one of the best Aviation Watches of all time.

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2. Rolex Air-King

Born during World War II, the Rolex Air-King is the only existing watch from the ‘Air-Series’. Rolex launched the watches in 1945 to honour the RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain. Like other Rolex models created by keeping a particular segment of people in mind, pilots inspired the Air-King design.

Over the years, the watch has undergone numerous upgrades and has seen some great iteration that pile up to its high demand in the watch market. The latest variant of the Air-King showcases the finest blend of modern and vintage elements, and you can find them in precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, two-tone, diamond-set, and stainless steel.

Like every other Rolex timepiece, the dial remains the main highlight of the watch and comes in a distinctive pattern with a vivid combination of large 3, 6, and 9 numerals that mark the hours.

The 1930s was a golden age in aviation and witnessed significant aircraft performance progress. The Rolex Air-King fantastically complements the scenario.

What is special about the Rolex Air-King?

Apart from being one of the oldest names in the world of Rolex, the Air-King has its roots deeply planted in the landscape of dress watches. Although the Rolex Air-King has been a Pilot’s watch since the beginning, it is most famous amongst the Rolex collectors as an entry-level Rolex watch.

The Air-King has always been a straightforward watch, and its dark dial makes it perfect for everyday wear. You can pair it with almost anything and everything. Be it a vintage Air-King model or something more contemporary; the watches stand out for their classic outlook and effortless charm.

Moreover, the clear, legible numerals make the timepiece most suitable for people travelling a lot or checking the time frequently on their wrists. Also, if you’re looking for some wise investment option, we suggest investing in any of the Air-King models.

If you’re familiar with the watch world, you’d perhaps agree with our suggestion. Rolex is an incredible investment option, and the Air-King is one of the most beloved models. Over the years, it would fetch you an excellent amount when you sell Rolex in the secondary market.

3. Rolex GMT-Master & GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master came out in 1955 to simultaneously show the time in two different time zones. Rolex created it as a navigation tool for those who travelling around the globe. But, it soon became a highly collectable watch piece.

The GMT-Master encases innovative functionalities, and its easily recognisable aesthetics make the watches attractive to a broader audience base. What the Rolex Submariner did for the underwater explorers, the GMT-Master did it for the travellers.

The GMT-Master II is well known for its striking appearance and versatility in function. The presence of the arrow-tipped hand circling the dial once every 24 hours makes it unique.

Even though the initial outlook might look complicated, the arrangement defines simplicity. The entire mechanism allows travellers to adjust two different time zones simultaneously without hampering their usual timekeeping process.

What is special about the Rolex GMT-Master & GMT-Master II?

Apart from being cast in an extensive range of precious metals like gold and Rolex’s very own Rolesor, the GMT-Master is also available in two-tone bezels. These latter models are widely popular amongst collectors. One example is the ‘Pepsi’ model with a blue and red bezel.

Another one is the ‘Batman’ model available in the blue and black bezel. The bi-colour effect makes for a perfect contrast to the black dial.

Both the models are a stylish representation of Rolex’s signature elements and have quickly become one of the biggest selling timepieces from the luxury brand. In any form, the GMT-Master is the most famous aviation watch that the world has so far seen.


All the watches mentioned above manifest the very best qualities of Rolex. All three models have unique technicalities and innovative features. This makes them the best aviation Rolex timepieces, perfect for every disciplined flyer.

Also, due to their broad spectrum of functionality and classic aesthetics, the Rolex aviation watches have become highly coveted. Each of them enjoys an increased demand in the watch market. We believe that this is the best time to invest in any named models. This will secure a significant profit when you sell Rolex watches in the future.

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